Hair bundles have become over the years because they offer a faster way to achieve fuller, thicker, and longer hair. These bundles are in different types, and your choice will depend on your hair need and preference. In addition, you will need to consider things like texture, length, and budget.

 Knowing these might be difficult for women trying hair bundles for the first time. You have many questions about the types of bundles and how to wear them. This guide will answer most of your questions, and you can decide on the right bundle type.

Table of Content

  • What is a Bundle?
  • Types of Hair Bundles
  • Tips to choose Suitable number of Hair Bundles
  • How to wear Hair Bundles?
  • Where to Get High-Quality Hair Bundles
  • Conclusion

What is a Hair Bundle?

A hair bundle is a piece of hair extensions on a single weft. In general, the weight of each hair bundle is 3.5 oz or 100g, irrespective of the length. Also, most bundles are black, ranging from 8” to 30” long. If you want to add more length, style, and volume to your hair, bundles are ideal. 

Another to note is that hair bundles can be installed using clip-in, sew-in, glue-in, tap-in, and other methods.

Types of Hair Bundles

Brazilian Hair Bundle

This is mostly in demand because it has the highest quality among human hair bundles. It is completely natural and has not gone through any chemical treatment. Brazilian hair bundles are durable, soft, and thick. In addition, it is the most popular in the hair market.

Malaysian Hair Bundle

Malaysian hair bundle appears shiny at first, but the shine reduces after 2 washes to look more natural. It is naturally curly hair; you don’t need any product to maintain the curl. Like the Brazilian hair bundle, they are softer and have a silkier texture than Indian hair.

Peruvian Hair Bundles

In comparison with Brazilian or Indian hair, the Peruvian hair bundles are a bit coarser and thicker in texture. It works well with natural hair textures like African-American and medium Caucasian. They become curlier when you apply moisture. In addition, this type of bundle is so soft, thick, and lustrous.

Indian Hair Bundles

Indian hair bundles are bouncy, thick, and lightweight. They have a thick texture, are durable, and styling is easy. These hair types make the wearer look amazing thanks to its lustrous nature. In addition, if you want a hair bundle that offers flexible and versatile styling options. The Indian hair bundle is also popular in the hair market because it has color and texture that blend with many ethnicities.

Tips to Choose the Suitable Number of Hair Bundles

Full Sew-in

Generally, 3 bundles should be enough for a full sew-in. If the length of your weave is between “14 to 20”, three bundles will give you full and flowy hair. Depending on the situation, you can also use 2 bundles. But if the length of your sew-in is longer than 22”, you might need to use 4 bundles to 5 bundles.

Closure Sew-in 

For closure, you need a minimum of three bundles for your wig. These bundles have a length from 8 inches – 18 inches. However, if the length is over 20 inches, you should use a minimum of 4 bundles. Sometimes, your hair type and desired outcome determine the number of bundles you need.

Lace Frontal

Two hair bundles are enough for a lace frontal if the length of the hair is between 8 to 12 inches. But if the hair length ranges from 14 to 18 inches, consider using 3 bundles. For more hair lengths, 20 to 26 inches, you will need 4 bundles.

How to wear Hair Bundles?


This is the simplest way to include hair bundles into your hair. You start by installing the long clips, separate your hair into two sections and use a comb to make the weft less visible. The clips are easy to install and remove; you can do it from home.


The sew-in method includes adding hair to the weft using a thread. Using this method, you can hide the trace of the hair bundle and make it looks like it is growing from your scalp. However, there must be a sew-in foundation before installing this hair. This is because you must not overstretch your hair bundle, or it will make the sewing visible. In addition, do not omit the strands that are meant to be sewn into your hair, as it will make the hair bundle appear unnatural.


Tape-in involves using a tap or a solution to secure the hair bundle to the scalp. The hair bundle tape is attached along the hair weft and applied to the scalp. They are also called pre-glued hair bundle technology because human hair is glued together and worn on the scalp. This method is ideal for people who want to add more volume to their real hair without a sewing process.

Where to Get High-Quality Hair Bundles

The quality of hair bundles’ quality depends on the material; if you want something natural and durable, choose human hair bundles. Stores like LuvmeHair offers a wide selection of hair bundles made up of 100% human hair. Depending on your desired outcome, you can choose deep wave hair bundles, curly hair, or straight hair.


Hair bundles are ideal for professional hairstylists, experienced wig users, or someone trying out a wig for the first time. There are different options to try; we have discussed some of them in this guide; you only need to choose according to your hair needs. In addition, this guide talked about determining the number of bundles and how to install hair bundles.

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